Thursday, October 11, 2007

Considerations when choosing a database 3

Presentation of data

How easy is it to design a report form?
Can report forms be designed to include images?
Can a set of data be easily sorted in a report form?
Can report forms be easily designed to include only a selection of fields? - for example
  • Records for public access
  • Inventory list
  • Donor information
  • Fields to transfer to a regional database

Search capabilities

What is the range of search options for the database?
Can search screens be designed to enable searching a number of fields at once?
Does the database software include Boolean search options for advance searching of the database?

Transferability of records

Can the database records be shared with other database programs - especially if there is opportunity to include records in a regional online database?
Can read only copies of the database be created for public use at the society or at another organisation?
As computer software and hardware changes rapidly, are the records in the database saved in a standard format allowing records to be transferred to another database if necessary in the future?

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