Friday, April 25, 2008

Creating a Database for a Society

One of members is "a computer expert" and he / she says they can create a database for us and it won't cost us anything.
The above is a quote often heard.

Questions you should ask if you are tempted to go down this path

  • Why?
    As there are a variety of programs available for cataloguing collections, why create another?
  • How long has the person been a member of the society?
  • Is the person likely to remain a member of the society?
  • What will happen if the person leaves?
  • Will there be assistance if something goes wrong?
  • Does the person understand what is required for a database for cataloguing collections?
  • Will it be possible to easily alter the datastructure, if required?
  • Will it be possible to alter or create new search screens and report forms if required?
  • Does the person understand how the society will use the database for searching?
  • Can the records in the database be transferred into another database?

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