Saturday, July 11, 2009

Linking to files from database record

This example is using a DB/TextWorks database but there should be ways to also do this in other databases.

As well as being able to link database records to images, DB/TextWorks has the ability to link from a field in a database to another file such as a word document, spreadsheet, html file etc.

A number of steps are required:

1. To activate the facility to create the link
Open DB/TextWorks and go to the Tools menu then select Options and then Display.
Tick the box Detect URLs, EMail links, etc. and convert to hypertext links then click OK

2. A field needs to be added to the database to include the link directly to a word document, spreadsheet, pdf , html file etc which will open in a new window.

In the data structure include a field called (for example) File Name. It is a normal text field.
Go to the Maintain menu, select Edit Textbase Structure then Edit Fields
Type the name of the new field (for example) File Name and then click Add. Use the Close button to close the box and then OK.

3. If basic forms are not being used it will be necessary to alter edit and display forms to include the new field.
Go to the Display menu and then select Design form. Choose the form to be altered.
Click Add form box icon, select the name of the required field (for example) Field Name and then click the Add button

When designing the Display report form added text is required
Display - Form Designer - click required field eg Field Name - Tools - Box Properties - Format - Added Text - In the Beginning text box type file:// then click Apply

5. In the Edit form, if linking to an item is required, put in the full path to locate the item - C:\database\test.doc

6. View the record in the display form.

The result is that the display report form then allows the inclusion of a link to the required document in a new window.

The Maxus website contains a technical tip providing information on Live Hypertext Links in DB/TextWorks which also refers to linking to documents etc.

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