Sunday, November 22, 2009

Museum Code

The Victorian Local History Database requires each entry to include a Museums Code field.

The Museums Code is the unique identifier for an organisation participating in a regional project.

Many years ago the National Library of Australia allocated National Union Catalogue Symbols to libraries and other collecting bodies who might participate in national and regional networks, particularly the Australian National Bibliographic Database. Additional information about this is available at

Many societies have these codes which can be used as the Museum Code in the Victorian Local History Database.

The code, for Victorian institutions begins with the letter V followed by three or four letters from the alphabet. Examples of these codes are VBXH, VDTH, VNHS, VWMR

If your society does not have a code and wishes to contribute entries to the Victorian Local History Database contact the co-ordinator of the project to be allocated a unique code for the project.

In the Victorian Local History Database the Museum Code appears in each entry to identify the society contributing the record. A list of codes and full contact details for the organisation is available from a link on the search screen of the database. The Museum Code field and the Registration Number field together provide the uniquie identifier for each record in the regional database.

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