Sunday, November 22, 2009

Object Name

In the Victorian Local History Database the Object Name field is used to describe the type of publication being catalogued.

In some databases the Object Name field is called Publication Type.

A set list of object names for use in the regional database has been prepared:

* Article - articles from newspapers, books and other publications
* Audiotape - includes audio cassettes
* Book - the type of book does not matter
* CD
* Correspondence
* Document
* Ephemera - invitations, tickets, programs etc - items that might normally be thrown away
* Family Tree - (not a family tree included in a book)
* Folder - societies often have folders of information on a topic catalogued as one entry
* Illustration - artwork of various types
* Manuscript - unpublished work
* Map
* Microform - includes microfilm and microfiche
* Newspaper - if the society keeps newspapers
* Pamphlet
* Periodical - serial publication such as a magazine
* Photograph - used for all formats of photographs
* School Project - some societies have local history material created by school children
* Videotape
* Website

The Object Name field is used to help narrow searches in the Victorian Local History Database. For example, using Boolean search operators to combine fields, a search may be made for only photographs on a topic or information on a topic excluding photographs.

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