Wednesday, December 30, 2009


In the Victorian Local History Database the Address field is used to record the full address of a building when this information is available.

A frequently asked question in historical societies is, "Do you have any information about my house?" or information about another building.

Photographs, real estate leaflets, land brochures, articles from newspapers, pamphlets and books are just some of the items which may provide information about buildings and blocks of land.

Only use the Address field if the full address is known.

The address is written in the form of Suburb or town, Street, Number
For example:
Nunawading, Whitehorse Road, 279

If using the Address field in a database it may be a good idea to change the label of the field to Address of building in order to make it clear that it is the address of a building that is required and not the address of the publisher if the item is a book.

The Address field can be a useful field for researchers using local history catalogues.

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