Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Subjects (3)

People as Subject headings - some guidelines

1. Enter Surname first followed by Given Name(s) eg. Brown, Susan

2. Only use titles such as Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms if given names, including initials are not available eg. Brown, Mr
An exception is when the given name or initial provided for the name of a woman is that of her husband and is not her given name eg. Smith, George (Mrs)

3. Use titles sparingly. Permanent titles such as Dr or Rev are OK eg. Jones, Brian (Dr) but do not use temporary titles such as Cr as part of the Subject term

4. Occupations and / or dates are generally not necessary as part of the Subject term. In some case qualifiers such as dates may be needed to distinguish a number of people with identical names but if this is done be consistent and use the same form of the name for one person every time.

5. When two people from the same family have the same name, identifiers such as (senior) or (junior) after the name may need to be used.

6. Be consistent. Choose one form of a person's name to use in the catalogue.
For example: Smith, Susan
Not Smith, S; Smith, Suzie; Smith, Sue; Smith, Susan Mary; Smith, S M; Smith, Susan, M

7. Use the form of the person's name by which the person is generally known for the Subject term. In the catalogue entry other forms of the name, if necessary, can be referred to in the Brief Description.

8. If a woman is known by both her maiden name and married name, entries for both names can be used. (Do not use eg. Brown, Susan (nee) Smith
Instead use the two names as separate Subject terms:
Smith, Susan
Brown, Susan

9. Create an Authority file for names

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MonicaO said...

The advice to use a name authority file should come first rather than last and the identifier should be supplied as well as the name label - see http://www.oclc.org/research/activities/viaf/ or perhaps a national name authority e.g. for Australians http://trove.nla.gov.au/general/aboutPeople

if the party (person or organisation) is not in the authority file you are using then maintaining a local name authority file for your community (de-duplicated with unique id is very valuable and can be fed to your national name authority body to improve linkages and your biographical description will add to the body of knowledge.